I.O GEL 1 Step 32 kit (No need Top&Base Gel)

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IO Gel: 1 Step Nail Art Kit for bringing an instant beauty at your hands. A full art kit for your convenience: easily, simply, quickly color your nail, bringing an excellent brightness. Made in Korea.

IO Gel is one of the soft nail gel polishes, but it is the closest to the natural human nail in terms of its structure and composition.   It lasts longer than manicuring and looks more natural than other nail gels.  IO Gel protects your nail in healthy & keep stronger than other hard gel nails, stays for bright complexion, and makes easy for soaking off.  It is remarkably different from other gel brands in that it lasts 3 to 4 weeks without applying bonder or primer in order to avoid peeling off. It doesn’t use any of etching, bonder or primer.  However, it has an excellent persistence.  You can remove the gel easily leaving no damage to the nails.  It has been developed using a unique science, unparalleled with other gel nail brands in the market place today.  Our state-of-the art technology is based on ‘van der Waal’s Forces’ theory.  How our it can be bonded to nail stronger and longer than other gel nail without any etching & gluing?  The magic is from our IO Gel science.  When we developed the gels, we applied theory of ‘Van der Waals’s force’, which is about adhesive strength between objects   By applying this theory, the closer molecule distance between nail and gel, the stronger tie shall be created between nail and gel’s molecules.    Furthermore, it cuts 3 steps into 1 step.  One can simply apply  & dry the color gel  instantly to achieve her beauty.   

IO Gel comes with a full art kit without needing to buy another product to color & cure nail.   

The nail arts kit contains:   UV LED Lamp, Gel Remover, 9  IO  One step color gels, 1 Super gel to maintain brightness of the color,  5 Glitters, 2 French  tip guide,  3 Nail Deco Stickers,  5 Soak off clips, 1 Pincette, 1 Pouch for travel use, 1 palette, 2 Toe separator, 1 Sanding block, 1 Two way buffer, 2 Wood files,  1 Nail brush,  1 Glitter brush. The kit contains a full set for your nail art.   From City of Seoul:  the most popular brand and loved by lades in the world!

  • Excellent bright coloring & curing in instant. The 1 Step Gel doesn’t require a base and top gel.
  • A complete gel nail polish kit for your nail art experiences (32 items)
  • Last long: 3 to 4 weeks. It is remarkably different from other gel brands in that it lasts 3 to 4 weeks
  • Scratch proof and look natural. IO Gel is highly resistive from scratches and looks natural.
  • Patented UV LED lamp is convenient to use. 30 sec curing with one click, 60 sec curing with double click. Soak off clip allows to browse your phone while waiting thanks to its patented design

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